Guludere and Kizilcukur Valleys

Guludere and Kizilcukur Valleys

Gulludere and Kizilcukur Valleys (Rose and Red)

Guludere and Kizilcukur Valleys, also known as the Rose and Red valleys, for their colors, are close to Çavuşin and not far from Goreme. These two valleys were formed by the erosion of Mount Bozdag. You can walk along them through a lovely path, where you will find 12 churches, some of which really worth a visit:

Kilise Uzumlu Church (Grapes)

It is located at the entrance to Red Valley, to the west of the city of Ortahisar, within 1 mile of the road. The fairy chimney in which was excavated is fully hollowed and contains a complex that was inhabited by monks. The lower level is occupied by the church and the upper is a camera with a cross on the roof that you can see from the outside, due to a partial collapse of its walls. The Church of the grapes has an apse and a single, square nave. The surface, in orange, is decorated with a cross made of geometric figures and bunches of grapes, from which its name came from.

Hacli Kilise (Church of the Cross)

It is located in the Red Valley and is often confused with the Church of the Three Crosses, in the Rose Valley. This church, located at the top of the hill can be reached by a narrow road with beautiful views of the valley. It has a single nave and apse and is distinguished for its perfect acoustic. Among his frescoes there is a Christ Pantocrator in the altar area, over a row of apostles and saints. Descending from the top we will find the Dort Sutunlu Kilise, or Church of the Four Columns.

Gulludere Church (San Agathangelous)

It is located to the left of Gulludere Valley, at about 2 miles from Cavusin. The church was built in the beginning of a slope, with a square design, flat roof and a large apse, added between ninth and tenth centuries to the original structure, which dates from the sixth or seventh centuries. The apse contains 2 or 3 layers of frescoes, indicating that it was painted regularly.

In the center of the ceiling it shows the relief of a cross in a circle, surrounded by palm leaves and garlands that should belong to the iconoclastic period. The locals had a great love of the cross, a symbol that they have used for a long time.

Church of the Three Crosses

It is in the Rose Valley. It was carved out of the cliff’s walls and named after the three crosses carved in relief on the ceiling. After the iconoclastic period several frescoes were added. One of the crosses is lying between two palms and another has an equal arm design, Maltese style.

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