Hot Air Balloon Flights

Hot Air Balloon Flights

Our staff will transfer you from your hotel, at the pre-arranged time, really early in the morning, to our Flight Center for your hot air balloon flights. There you will have a light breakfast buffet and later we will move to the takeoff area.

Shortly before dawn, our drivers will check the weather and the most appropriate areas to fly. When sun start rising, we begin to inflate the balloons. While staff inflate you can take pictures of balloons and the wonderful landscapes of Cappadocia. Once the process of inflation finish, the pilot welcome you to the balloons.

You start to soar more and more … the adventure begins. There it is! … You are flying…!

We go where the wind takes us. The sky is layered on air currents, so that the pilot heats the air inside the balloon with the burner and uses the currents from different directions.

In the heights, discover a wonderful and spectacular view of Cappadocia with the sun just rising. You can take pictures and our team will be happy to take pictures of you on the balloon. So do not forget your camera, with enough film or available space.

Your hot air balloon flight will be approximately one hour. We will land in one of the many open fields of the area. Your pilot will begin the gentle descent when he finds a suitable landing place, where our ground staff will be waiting. After deflate and pack the balloon we will have a toast with champagne to celebrate the experience and we will give you a flight certificate. Finally, you will be transported from the landing point to your hotel. The experience lasts between 3-4 hours, so you will have the whole day to enjoy the many attractions of Cappadocia.

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