Nevsehir was known as Muskara, home of Grand Vizier Damat Ibrahim Pasa, from the Tulip period of the Ottoman Empire, who brought to his hometown many hans, kitchens, hammams, madrasas and other buildings and centers that gave the town a new life. Since then, the city was called Nevsehir, which means “new city”. At the top of the hill stands a Byzantine castle, restored several times during the Seljuk and Ottoman periods.

Extension: Ranks 62 between the cities of Turkey.

Altitude: 1260 meters (4133 feet) above sea level.

Industry: Textiles, flour, wine and fruit juice factories, carpet weaving, pottery

Agriculture: Grains (80%), sugar beet, potatoes, chickpeas, apples, grapes

Animals: Sheeps

History: Byzantine, Seljuk, Ottoman Turkish Republic.

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